MSI Delta 15.6" FHD 240hz Gaming Laptop - Ryzen R7-5800, Radeon RX6700M, 1TB SSD, 16GB Memory

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The MSI Delta 15.6" FHD 240hz Gaming Laptop is a high-performance gaming machine that combines power and speed for an exceptional gaming experience. Powered by a Ryzen R7-5800 processor and equipped with a Radeon RX6700M graphics card, this laptop delivers smooth gameplay and stunning visuals. The 1TB SSD provides ample storage space for your games, while the 16GB memory ensures smooth multitasking. With its sleek black design, the MSI Delta Gaming Laptop not only performs well but also looks stylish.

  • Ryzen R7-5800 processor for powerful gaming performance
  • Radeon RX6700M graphics for stunning visuals
  • 1TB SSD for ample storage space
  • 16GB memory for smooth multitasking
  • 15.6" FHD display with a 240hz refresh rate for smooth and immersive gameplay
  • Sleek black design for a stylish look